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How We Started

My love of wine started when I was young, when my grandfather in Toulouse, France, used to give me a thimbleful of the local red and tell me, “C’est ton patrimoine, mon petit” (“It’s your heritage”).  So my palate was prepped at an early age.  Whenever I’d go back to France in my later years, I would keep discovering small, out of the way wineries that were making great wines at inexpensive prices.  It seemed I had a knack for recognizing high quality at low cost.

After successfully running a design and manufacturing company for many years in the textile industry, I decided to follow my passion and plunged head-first into the wine business.  I worked with a distributor in New York for a few years, where I honed my skills at finding value wines that were still representative of where they came from.  Just as importantly, I learned the business-side of the wine industry.

Now, I scour the vineyards of the world for small, independent family wineries.  I look for those that are making wines that taste more expensive than they actually are and that remain true to their terroir.  True, I have to taste a lot of plonk to find those hidden gems, but, frankly, if I can’t drink it, I can’t represent it.


Michel Robert Abood
Wine Hunter

Our Philosophy

“Great wines don’t make statements, they pose questions” – Hugh Johnson

As wine lovers, we find it philosophically insulting when someone walks into a wine store with a $20 bill and leaves with a bottle of wine that doesn’t make them sit up and take notice. Sure, there are mass-market wines that taste fine, but those are made in factories and can taste like anything from anywhere. Only small farmers, growers who manually work the land, without the use of chemicals or pesticides, can really capture the expression of their soil to the liquid in the glass and thus reveal their terroir. In the process, they produce bottles that don’t just taste good but offer an almost emotional experience.

For similar reasons, we prefer Organic and Biodynamic wines as these are made in ways that ensure the health of the soil and the vines for decades to come. They also tend to taste more alive and more “real” than those made in factories. These are wines of finesse, wines that unfold gently on the palate, slowly exposing their mysteries, keeping you coming back for more. And since we truly believe “you are what you drink”, we care about what we put in our bodies.

Our viewpoint is pretty simple: If we can’t drink it, we can’t sell it. We don’t believe in importing brands, but only wines from actual people, farmers who are working the land healthily and trying to bring the true expression of their vineyards to the glass at a good price. Wines that taste more expensive than they actually are.

This is what we do and who we support.

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Our Palate

As a food loving family we naturally seek out food friendly wines. Wines that are well balanced, with bright fruit, low alcohol, good acidity, and a sense of place. We tend to prefer no to low oak in our wines. Grapes are being pressed, not planks of wood, after all. We also love discovering indigenous varietals that above all else are cultivated with care to produce beautiful wines.

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Vinotas Selections

Vinotas Selections was established in 2008 with the goal of seeking out and discovering the finest small-grower Organic or Biodynamic values the wine world has to offer. We focus on importing high-quality, small-production, hand-crafted wines and strive to ensure that they retail for the most part under $20 US. These are truly wines that taste more expensive than they actually are.

Vinotas Selections does not take a shotgun approach to representing wines. We take the time to discover new and upcoming boutique family wineries, with the goal of finding high quality wines that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our wines are from actual people who tend the land, farmers, not cooperatives or factories. We develop long-lasting relationships with our winemakers to ensure that quality and value remain consistent.

We don’t represent brands. We represent works of art and labors of love.

Our family run business continues to expand nation-wide and to partner with small/mid-size distributors who love wine as much as business. We work with our clients to cultivate effective partnerships, ensuring that they get what they need for their respective markets.

Vinotas Selections’ customers can expect only the finest services that they require, from access to the best vintners, to logistical support, and finally to assistance with the promotion and marketing of Vinotas Selections wines. We will do everything to ensure that both our customers and our suppliers are satisfied.

Our Services

  • Sourcing hard to find, inexpensive and first-rate wines with great sales potential
  • Establishing working relationships with our suppliers so as to maintain quality
  • Cultivating relationships with customers to ensure their market requirements are met
  • Coordinating logistics
  • Actively promoting the wines we represent

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