They Like Me (Part Deux)!

Well, yet again, not really me (understandable, after all I am an opinionated, stubborn SOB as most of my friends will tell you), but rather one of my wines. I was thrilled to see a review of my Chateau La Bouscade on the influential Mark Squires Bulletin Board.

I guess I should preface this with a disclaimer that the poster is a friend, it’s true, but sometimes friends are the best/worst critics. I had been nervous when he told me he had bought a bottle and was looking forward to trying it, as I knew he wouldn’t be shy with his opinion. Would he be scathing? Would he love it? Would he just shrug his shoulders and say “bleh”?

To be honest, I was worried that I would disappoint him and my other friends, who’ve been such good sports and really supportive of my endeavors. Vinotas Selections is after all a brand new company, and there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than starting a new venture, especially in the middle of a recession. And when one of the wines you’ve worked hard to import ends up in someone you know’s hands, you are really putting yourself in their hands (not a bad thing if you have models for friends, but, alas, such is not the case for me).

So this morning he emailed me and said he had posted a note about the 2004 Chateau La Bouscade Les Septs Vents, a wine from the Minervois region of the Languedoc in the south of France, near the border with Spain. It’s a 100% Syrah which does see a little time in oak, and frankly is the most New World-like (shocking! shocking! Now I’ll never hear the end of it from my friend Ben Sherwin who has made it his goal in life to force-feed me CA wines…) wine in my portfolio.

OK, I’ve babbled enough, here is his review, and many thanks to Paul Jaouen for letting me post it here:

2004 Chateau Bouscade Sept Vents – This is 100% syrah made with a modern touch from I believe Languedoc. Aromas are white pepper, blackberries and currants. The wine is medium bodied with still primary black fruit flavors, and some oak notes. It puts on weight in the glass over time and the wine feels denser in the mouth. Finish is medium length and quite enjoyable. A mix of the old and new world. 88 points and a solid value at $13. Disclaimer: I am good friends with the importer.

So there you have it. He liked it! Seriously, though, I am breathing a bit better now. It’s currently available at the Wine Library for $12.98, in case you were interested… I’m just saying…

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