Thanks for a Great 2014!



First, I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday season!  And of course a very Happy New Year!

Most importantly: thank YOU!

Thank you to our wholesalers, who are spreading the gospel of small farmer, Organic and Biodynamic wines.  Thank you to the retailers and restaurants who bought them for believing enough in our wines to make 2014 a crazy good year.  And thank you to all you Mr. & Mrs. Consumers who purchased a bottle of wine that we imported.  At the end of the day, YOU are the most important person in the chain.

Why am I feeling so thankful?  Well, 2014 was a truly blessed year. Many good things took place, not the least of which was the birth of my first child (as far as I know it’s my first).  And on the business side, things went from good to great.  We doubled our sales for the 2nd year running, added 5 more states to our markets, and took on some new wineries that performed very well.  Best of all, we’ve already got another bunch of crazy farmer wineries lined up for 2015, and will take on several more before Fall.

Even better, the wine business is growing by leaps and bounds.  And people are appreciating that small grower Organic and Biodynamic wines are more alive and more “real” than mass-produced, factory-farmed environmental nightmare wines.  They are finally starting to realize that big buttery Chardonnay, overoaked sweet flabby Cab and Coca-Cola-like Pinot don’t go with any meals.  Heck, I’d argue they don’t belong anywhere except the trash.  But that’s just me.

So, yeah, I’m feeling a tad thankful and happy.


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