Time Flies

Sheesh, feels like we were just complaining about 2014’s cold winter and now here we are in early September.  At least in NYC, the weather’s cooled off somewhat, but business is just warming up.  Soon hordes of salespeople will fill the streets of the city with bags brimming with samples. That said, I wanted to […]

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Shark Week Wines

Shark Week

Eeeeeeek! Actually, it’s awesome, it’s informative and it’s fun.  It’s Shark Week again on Discovery Channel, and sharks are a passion of mine.  Judging from the channel’s ratings at this time of the year, a LOT of people share that passion.  Who can resist learning more about these magnificent eating machines, who’ve barely changed since […]

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Loire & More

Angers' Medieval Castle

The Chateau in Angers (in warmer times) I’ve been swamped with work since I got back from France in late February, so this post is a tad late.  Apologies, as usual, and all that.  In any case, the rest of the trip went smashingly well.  Aside from a super nasty bug that sidelined me for […]

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Mini-Portfolio Tasting on 2/21 at Wine Library

Dear Readers, Come to the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ, on Saturday, February 21st, from noon to 4pm. I will be pouring three of my wines, L’Agary (a red from the Languedoc), the delicious La Bouscade (a 100% Syrah from the Minervois) and the fantastic Domaine Didier et Catherine Tripoz Macon Charnay le Clos des […]

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A Night in Macon

The town of Pouilly Fuissé I left Avignon for Macon, in southern Burgundy, with a heavy heart and a somewhat heavier head (more like a pounding head to be honest). My winemaker, Didier Tripoz, of Domaine Cathérine et Didier Tripoz, picked me up at the tiny train station. I represent their monopole wine, the Clos […]

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