Happy New Year 2016!

OK once again it’s been a while since I posted.  But man have we been busy.  In the business, we refer to it as OND (October/November/December), and it’s the craziest time of the year.  I’d say a good 35-45% of our sales come from these 3 months.  That’s insane, but that’s the way it is. […]

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Thanks for a Great 2014!


  First, I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday season!  And of course a very Happy New Year! Most importantly: thank YOU! Thank you to our wholesalers, who are spreading the gospel of small farmer, Organic and Biodynamic wines.  Thank you to the retailers and restaurants who bought them for believing enough in our wines to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving from our little family to yours from one of the most magical cities in the world! May your turkey be moist, your sides be delicious, your family fun, and your wines from small Organic and Biodynamic farms! Sincerely, Vinotas Selections

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2013- Thank YOU


2013 is almost done, improbably, impossibly, unbelievably.  And, thanks to YOU, what a year! I am not just saying that either, I truly mean it.  This was our first year of actual importing, and boy did we import a lot of wine.  We started off in 4 states, and within 12 months expanded into 7 […]

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