Happy New Year 2016!

OK once again it’s been a while since I posted.  But man have we been busy.  In the business, we refer to it as OND (October/November/December), and it’s the craziest time of the year.  I’d say a good 35-45% of our sales come from these 3 months.  That’s insane, but that’s the way it is. […]

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Tradeshows & Tastings Oh My

Vins de mes Amis

Another year, another round of trade shows, tastings, and winery visits in Europe.  This year’s trip was a quickie, as I had a ton of things to do in the US.  In addition, I was on the move almost every day, which made this one a very tiring visit to the Continent. A day after […]

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2013- Thank YOU


2013 is almost done, improbably, impossibly, unbelievably.  And, thanks to YOU, what a year! I am not just saying that either, I truly mean it.  This was our first year of actual importing, and boy did we import a lot of wine.  We started off in 4 states, and within 12 months expanded into 7 […]

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Market Watch: Barcelona’s Boqueria

  After France, I returned to Barcelona for a few days of exploration and rest. Travelling non-stop almost every day does get tiresome sometimes. Actually, most of the time. Yeah, I’m going to vineyards in the South of Europe, but still, it does wear one down. So staying put for more than 3 days was […]

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MarketWatch: Beaune

The Historic Hospice de Beaune This past week was extremely busy, I had a ton of work and didn’t taste enough wines. In fact, I barely had any wine at all (shocking, I know). But I promise I am not slipping into any sort of abstinence. To let off steam, I went to the Greenmarket […]

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Market Watch: Boulevard Raspail

I landed on Sunday morning, early enough to visit the Boulevard Raspail organic market. The sun was shining and the rows between the stands were packed with shoppers and tourists, tables groaning under beautiful vegetables and fruits, fresh-killed chickens and ducks and fish and other assorted goodies. Here are a few pictures from that stroll.Cheers!

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