Clos Massotte – Pure Roussillon Beauties

It isn’t every day that you stumble upon great tasting, well-made, clean and stable natural wines.  In fact – and I’ll be castigated for saying this – a large amount of these wines is pretty poorly made.  Worse, too much bad natural wine is bring imported for the sake of being natural and not necessarily quality. […]

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Unboring Bordeaux

Let’s face it, Bordeaux has been boring for a long time.  The region is known for high-end, high-quality, high-cost wines that only the 1% can afford.  The other wines?  Well, there’s a flood of innocuous to downright nasty stuff being made by thousands of small domaines, all struggling since most of what they make stinks. […]

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Gallivanting in the Gaillac

Nicolas in the Vines

Between the trade shows in Montpellier and Angers, I had the good fortune to spend 2 days in the Gaillac region of France visiting our biodynamic producer Nicolas Lebrun of l’Enclos des Braves.  Wait, where?  It’s just northeast of the city of Toulouse, in the Southwest part of the country.  Wait, what?  OK, OK, take […]

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The Bubbly Has Landed

Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz Brut

It’s Fall again (or almost – it was 52F when I woke up this morning, so cool enough that it pretty much counts as Fall for me), which means it’s the main selling season for the wine business.  Already, salespeople are trolling the streets like hungry wolves, rolly bags full of clinking samples in tow, […]

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