Turkey Wines

Ruh roh

It’s almost that time of the year again, Thanksgiving! Time to gather the family, roast a turkey, eat until you can’t move and grab a few bottles of good vino so you can handle said family and food.  Luckily I’m here to help you wash away your woes with a list of delicious wines that […]

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2013- Thank YOU


2013 is almost done, improbably, impossibly, unbelievably.  And, thanks to YOU, what a year! I am not just saying that either, I truly mean it.  This was our first year of actual importing, and boy did we import a lot of wine.  We started off in 4 states, and within 12 months expanded into 7 […]

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East meets West

Cabot Klamath Cuvee

Well, it was bound to happen: our first CA wine! We taste a lot of wine from all over the world here at Vinotas Selections, even if our emphasis has been on Europe, and more specifically, France.  That’s just a factor of the genetic roll of the dice that had me visiting family there and […]

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2012 State of the Wine Biz

And so another year bites the dust.  It’s been 12 months of ups and downs, both personally and professionally.  More ups, I’m happy to say, with lots of good wines, some great bottles, and of course some duds.  I’ve also met some terrific folks, had some amazing meals, and traveled to some great new places […]

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Happy Birthday America!

  Ribs, New York City style Well, it’s summer in the city, so the wine business is slow and sleepy. What’s a budding entrepreneur with a growing business to do? I suppose it means I should be travelling, but I’m trying to watch expenses and set up sales networks for the Fall. I am also […]

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I Love New York: Sri Lankan Brunch

  I’ve said it many times before, but we really are blessed in this maddening, crazy city of ours. As a food and wine lover, this is doubly so. Oh, sure, anyone with enough money can hit the high-end places, but where’s the fun in that? You’re almost guaranteed a great experience (note I said […]

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The United States of America

Note: I am taking a small break from reporting about my last trip to France to say a few words about this election. I have never been prouder to be an American. The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency is an amazing event. No matter who you voted for, no matter what you think […]

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