Shameless Shilling…?

Look at me!

Look at me!

I’m not a fan of shameless shilling, I have to admit.

I know, I know, it’s shocking considering how often I update our Facebook page.  But I try to keep it light and fun, I mean, that’s what wine is all about, right?  More importantly, I am a firm believer in letting the quality of the wines speak for themselves.  When you really believe in the product your represent, you feel dirty having to also act in a “Look at me!” manner.

That said, the dirty little secret of the wine industry is that those who scream loudest, no matter what it’s about, usually come out on top.  You could be selling crappy Chateau Pipi or some other idiotically cutesy named bottle but if the label looks good and you pour tons of money into marketing, there you go, instant success.  I believe there’s a mathematical formula for this: CNL  + M x $= mucho $$$$$$$$ (where C= Cutesy, N= Name, L= Label, M= Marketing, and $= money,duh).  See?

To those of us who work hard to find wines that reflect their places and are crafted by small artisans, this situation is, frankly annoying as all Hell.  But the annoying truth is you HAVE to promote the heck out of your wines, no matter how good.  If people don’t even know about them, how will they ever taste them and enjoy them?  Therein lies the rub.

Having said that, let me be a little hypocritical (gasp!).

We were recently approached by ABC News’ Lifestyle guru about what wines we would serve at Thanksgivukkah and the approaching holidays.  They wanted to do a variation on the usual “What To Drink” article, so they were focusing on Organic and Biodynamic wines.  OK, that’s a good way to start the conversation, I’ll admit.  And she also wanted to focus on smaller importers/distributors, which we happen to be.  Frankly, my interest was piqued as the author was really genuine.  And of course, I was happy for the (free) publicity, I will admit (hey, I’m a small businessman after all).

So herewith the article.  Feel free to flame me afterwards, but please do so with a nice glass of small grower Organic or Biodynamic wine in hand, of course:


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