Shameless Demotion: Tasting Cancelled (a good thing!)

I suppose as problems go, this is a good one: the Wine Library has actually run out of my wines, they sold out so fast. So, there’s nothing left to pour on Saturday the 21st. But fear not, I am hard at work prepping the next shipment of wines, I wouldn’t want you to go thirsty. But to be honest, I didn’t expect them to move this fast. Again, a good problem to have.

I must admit I am a bit disappointed, I had been looking forward to this tasting. I really do love meeting people and chatting about my wines. It’s not everyday that someone takes a sip, turns to you, and says, “Your wines taste more expensive than they actually are.” Things like that make me smile and make all my work definitely feel worthwhile.

So if you’d planned on coming, I thank you, and if you’ve tasted the wines (and hopefully liked them), I thank you too. And if you just read this blog and wonder what the heck I’m talking about, well, I thank you too!

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