Paris In Three Days

I am so happy, I am leaving for my maternal city in three days. On Sunday morning, I will be munching on a warm croissant, with a steaming bowl of café au lait while watching Parisians go about their business. This is one aspect of my job I love, the ability to fly to Paris and not have to worry about time-tables or getting stuck in meetings at an airport convention center. I refuse to allow myself to live or work like that.

I arrive early enough to hit the Boulevard Raspail organic market (assuming no delays), where I’ll grab a year’s worth of unpasteurized cheese (yay!), paté, cured meats, duck breast and confit, and assorted other goodies to cook in the apartment I’m renting. And, of course, lots and lots of wine!

But have no fear, I will be reporting from the City of Light, my laptop will be with me, as will my camera so I can share the views with you. Soon afterward, I’ll be at ViniSud, in Montpellier, in the south, a huge wine trade show, where I’ll be forced to imbibe massive quantities of under-ripe swill or over-ripe plonk, all of it bathed in new oak, all in the hopes of finding one or two new wineries to pique my interest. Such is the life of a wine broker…

Oh God, I can’t wait!


  1. I know… There is nothing (or almost nothing) like Paris…

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