France has been the source of some of the greatest wines ever made. New young French winemakers are constantly changing the face of the wine industry, keeping it traditional yet vibrant.  Vinotas Selections is proud to offer a number of delicious discoveries from this ancient land.

Clos Culombu

Domaine Vincent Fleith

Clos Massotte

Cellier de la Baraterie

Domaine Emile Grelier

Céline & Nicolas Hirsch

Domaine Victor Sornin

Maison Ughetto-Audoin

Domaine Martine & Christian Rouchier

Jean Pascal Aubron

Laurent Herlin

Thierry Landry

Guy Baudin

Champagne Yves Ruffin

Château De Gaudou

L’Enclos des Braves

Clos Bagatelle

Domaine des Sauvaire-Reilhe

Denis Bouchacourt

Louis and Catherine Poitout

Christophe Ferrari

Manuel Olivier


Italy has been making wine since before Rome was established. Its lands are covered in vineyards and olive groves, and now a new generation of passionate winemakers are making a stand, rediscovering old varieties that were overshadowed by more market-friendly grapes until recently. Vinotas Selections is proud to import some of the finest examples of each of these wine’s terroirs.

Cantine Losito

Azienda Agricola Santa Caterina

Azienda Agricola Fontechiara

Tenuta Grillo

Azienda Agricola Il Farneto

Azienda Agricola Al di là del Fiume

Azienda Al-Cantàra

Azienda Agricola Pianogrillo

Azienda Agricola Elios

Azienda Marino Abate

Cantine Fontanarosa

Azienda Monteversa


Wine has been produced across the United States for over 300 years. California has emerged as one of the premier wine regions in the world, with diverse climates and terroirs.  Vinotas Selections is pleased to represent boutique producers who are returning to crafting “Old World” style wines in this beautiful land.