Meeting YOU, the end consumer

I did a tasting at K&D Wines the other day, where they sell my Picpoul (and I’m happy to report it’s flying out the door). I had the opportunity to meet you, the end consumer, and see your reaction to my wines.

And this is where I get the real satisfaction out of my job. Yes, there is lots of hard work and stress, but when I see that smile on the face of someone discovering a new wine (and hopefully liking it), it makes all of it worth it. I can’t help but grin like a complete idiot (which I am, as many friends will attest). This is why I do what I do.

There is no feeling like turning someone onto a wine they’ve never tried or heard of before. That sense of adventure and discovery, as they tentatively sniff, swirl, and taste the wine, are exhilirating moments that leave you breathless in anticipation. And as someone who enjoys babbling endlessly about his wines, standing in a store and explaining where it’s from, how it’s made, and what it is, this is a complete thrill.

When I began Vinotas Selections, my goal was to bring well-made, boutique and interesting wines to the US at decent prices. But in this competitive industry, it’s easy to make a mistake, or be overtaken by mass-produced plonk, or just plain ignored. So seeing the smiles on the faces of the people the other day, and watching them walk out the door with bottle after bottle, made me forget nearly a year’s worth of effort. More importantly, it energized me to both find more interesting wines to represent and to push harder to enter new markets. Almost like a virtuous circle, really.

At the very least, for a few hours, I was really, really happy.

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