Meet the Wine Geek (me)


Well, me, to be honest. I have no qualms about referring to myself that way, I assure you. I love to talk, no, babble incessantly, about my wines, and I do know a ton of geeky, er, let’s call it esoteric, information about them.

I will be pouring my wines at the Wine Library, in Springfield, New Jersey (directions), on Saturday, October 4th, from noon to 4pm. This is a part of the job, one I actually love to do as it allows me to meet and greet you, the end consumer. That part is always fun, because even if you may not like them, I get to expose you to new wines. And the interaction is one I love, no matter which way it goes.

And anyway, who can say no to free booze and a friendly smile while you’re wandering the intimidating aisles of a massive wine store? Feel free to stop by and say hello and have a sip, and let me know how you really feel about the wines. I do appreciate honest, constructive criticism. So I hope to meet a few of you, my loyal readers, this upcoming Saturday.

I am really looking forward to this, and I hope you are too.

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