MarketWatch: Beaune

The Historic Hospice de Beaune

This past week was extremely busy, I had a ton of work and didn’t taste enough wines. In fact, I barely had any wine at all (shocking, I know). But I promise I am not slipping into any sort of abstinence. To let off steam, I went to the Greenmarket in NYC to grab some supplies for a cassoulet I am making this weekend. While the market’s a great resource, it pales in comparison to what you can find in even the tiniest towns in the French countryside.

As an example, I offer here some pics from one of my last trips to Burgundy, to the small city of Beaune. On Saturdays, farmers and merchants from all over the region congregate in the main square, offering a veritable cornucopia of sights, smells and sounds to tickle the senses.

Again, why can’t we get something like this in New York? Feel free to drool…


  1. Wowsers, now there’s a market!

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