Madame Picpoul Arrives

Well, I am thrilled to announce that Felines Jourdan’s winemaker, Claude Jourdan, will be doing the rounds of New York City on Friday the 13th of February. It’s always a thrill when one of my winemakers comes to town. It’s also a thrill to say “my winemaker” or “my winery”, even though technically they’re not “mine”; all I do is represent and sell them to wholesalers. Still, after almost a year of doing this, I get a cheap little shiver of excitement every time I say it. Makes me smile, knowing I’m finally doing something I love.

As for the wines, Felines Jourdan’s Picpoul de Pinet can be found all over the city, in lots of restaurants and stores. They usually retail for about $11-14 depending on the place. To say it’s a good seller is an understatement.

We’ll be walking around the city, so if you see some geeky guy (me), a cute lady (Claude) and some other person (our Gabriella Wines salesperson) walking around with long, thin, green bottles, feel free to say hello. You might also get a taste of some great white wine!

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