Le Beaujolais Nouveau Grolleau Pétillant est arrivé!

La Perlette Sparkling Grolleau

I know all the signs say the Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived, but screw that fruity banana-y crap. How about some real wine? Something that’ll make you sit up and go “Whoa”. How about some Sparkling Grolleau?

Pascal Pibaleau’s wonderfully eccentric and deliciously different sparkling wine has finally landed, just in time for Turkey Day. Grolleau is usually made into innocuous still red and rosé, but in Pascal’s hands it’s turned into a sparkling jewel. This wine has character, is alive, and truly tastes unique. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s from a biodynamic Loire Valley producer in Azay-le-Rideau. After manually harvesting the grapes, Pascal halts the alcoholic fermentation partway through, then lets the wine sit on its lees until disgorgement, at which time no sulfur and no dosage are added. You end up with a lightly sparkling (“perlant” in French) wine that starts off fruity and ends with a super dry and rather nutty aspect. How cool is that?

And I know it’s stupid, but I really do love that label. At first you see a grape vine with bubbles rising from it, but take a longer look and you see something else, something more whimsical. This reflects Pascal’s character. Like me, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, though he is dead serious about the quality of his wines.

So if you’re looking for an affordable (under-$20) sparkling rosé for Thanksgiving or for the end-of-year holidays, uncork (or better yet, saber) a bottle of Pascal Pibaleau’s Sparkling Grolleau La Perlette.

Man, I love this stuff.

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