And now, for something completely different… (and by that I mean no food or wine in this post… I know, shocking!)


Need I say more? The very name evokes a weirdly different and quite unique way of looking at the world. The man was a legend in his own time and in his own mind, a Surrealist who embraced the ideas of the movement and took them to an extreme. His works make you look at the things with new eyes, making new interpretations of what we consider reality.


While in Figueres, in north-eastern Spain, I had a chance to stop by the Dalí Museum, and it was like stepping into a warped, twisted, somewhat disturbing version of reality. Actually, there were some lovely things to see, but also some rather strange experiences, and a few downright frightening ones as well. But then, that’s the world according to Dalí, right?


He was quite the prodigious artist, and his works were not limited to any one form. There are films, paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, anything he could get his hands on and transform into something similar but different. It was quite fascinating to see, and it is evident that he liked to play with his viewers.


So, without further fuss, here are some pics from that outing. Some are lovely, others weird, and yet others frightening, but they all make you look at the world and the things in it with new eyes. Or at least strange eyes.


See the face?


See the face? Hint: he’s on the US penny


Dalí’s resting place, supposedly, in the middle of the floor of his museum


An interpretation of his wife, Gala


A landscape, or something else…?


Dalí’s bed


The spoon snake

Yet again, an interpretation of Gala


Look familiar?


Dalí’s car


Dalí’s face

All in all it was a nice learning experience, as the art is, to put it mildly, interestingly different. I am not sure how much I liked it, but I did enjoy his plays on how we view the world.

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