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Domaine Emile Grelier: 45.084809, -0.286331

It doesn’t get more classic than Bordeaux.  However, the region has been resting on its laurels for decades now, pumping out innocuous and frankly boring wines for too long.  Now, some small producers are taking the reins back from the big houses and making unique, pure wines in harmony with the earth.

Vinotas Selections would like to introduce you to some of these fantastic farmers.

Domaine Emile Grelier

Domaine Emile Grelier is named after Delphine Vinet’s grandfather, who was a staunch supporter of local traditions and respecting the Earth.

Now, Benoit and Delphine Vinet and their children work 8 hectares (19.76 acres) of land in a single plot.  Their vines are densely planted (6600 vines/hectare) to south-facing sandy, blue clay soils, with friendly cover crops between the rows, and beehives, insect hotels (to attract beneficial bugs) and bird sanctuaries to maximize biodiversity.  To focus on quality, the vines are trained using the Cordon de Royat method.  Everything is done in such harmony with Nature that the French government has been studying their methods to learn how to emulate their environmentally friendly vineyard management.


They only harvest one grape for one wine, their Domaine Emile Grelier Grand Vin de Bordeaux, a 100% Merlot, as they feel it reaches its apogee on these soils and using these methods.  Wild-yeast fermented in cement, the wine is allowed to rest for 18-24 months depending on the vintage in cement until bottled, unfined and lightly filtered. The result is full of dark but bright plum and red fruit notes, with a gorgeously balanced frame ending with earthy accents.