Be Gentle…



It’s our first time… our first Portfolio Tasting that is.

After 2 years of constant growth in the US market (from 2 to 15 states in less than 24 months), we’re proud to announce that we’re having our very first ever trade-only Portfolio Tasting.  We’ll be pouring most of our small grower Organic and Biodynamic wines, wines that are true to where they’re from, wines that taste more expensive than they actually are.  In other words, delicious wines.

We were invited to join a small coalition of 4 other specialty importers, so this event will offer more than just our wonderful producers.  Trade buyers will be able to discover small grower gems from almost everywhere in the wine-making world: Portugal, South Africa, Australia, California, France, Spain, Italy, Czechoslovakia.  So to say we’re excited is putting it mildly.

This event has been named the Specialty Importers Portfolio Tasting or SIPT for short (sounds like sipped, right?  See what we did there?).  Here’s our cover pic for our Facebook page, which can be accessed here:


Not bad, right?

This is a big deal as it will allow buyers from around the NY market the chance to discover the wonderful producers we all work with.   So if you’re in the trade, please save the date, Monday October 6th, and drop by and have a sip of some of these great wines.  You won’t be sorry and will be surprised.



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