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Domaine Vincent Fleith: 48.096948, 7.302058

Alsace is a land caught in the middle – nestled between France and Germany and constantly changing hands, the culture there has been profoundly affected by both nations.  Architecture, food, and of course wine have evolved amidst this interplay of politics and history.  Today, new growers are discovering the potential of the region’s steep slopes and making bright, fun and delicious wines.

Domaine Vincent Fleith

Domaine Vincent Fleith’s history goes back to 1661, when their ancestor Antoine Fleith began working the vines.  Already, his grandfather Ernest had been making and selling his own wines.  Then in 1970, Vincent’s father René bought 4 hectares of land just West of Colmar, in the Haut-Rhin part of Alsace.  Vincent took over in 1996, working on what is now 9 hectares (22.24 acres) of mountainous vineyards that encompass 4 terroirs: Steinweg (stony gravelly granite sedimentary soils), Dorfburg (a lieu-dit composed of marl and limestone comglomerates), Letzenberg (a well-exposed limestone terrain), and Furstentum (a very steep Grand Cru of marl, limestone and sandstone).

The domaine has been certified Biodynamic since 2008, and began working naturally back in 1994.  The local flora and fauna are in exquisite balance now, with wildflowers growing between the rows to attract beneficial pests.  Everything here is done by hand: making the 501 formula, pruning, harvesting.  Wild yeasts are allowed to ferment on their own, little to no oak is used, and no other manipulations are allowed to interefere with the wine-making process.  Purity and quality are the key words.


The Domaine Vincent Fleith Sylvaner is a gorgeously light and crisp expression of the grape, grown on sedimentary soils, hand-harvested, and wild-yeast fermented in stainless.  It is bright and refreshing with a long clean finish.

Their Pinot Blanc comes from granitic sediments and brown soils, and like all their wines is hand-harvested and wild-yeast fermented.  It offers lovely floral notes on a crisp structure.

The Domaine Vincent Fleith Riesling Steinweg is a stunning beauty, coming from sedimentary granitic gravelly soils.  It is a fantastic expression of Riesling, full of bright fruit and deep mineral notes.